Membership Benefits

CFCA offers General Membership to framing contractors, as well as Associate Membership to suppliers, manufacturers, and services supporting the framing contractor industry.


General Membership is open to framing contractors.

• Cal/OSHA Standards Board, Directors Advisory Committee, and Advisory Committee Representation – Kevin Bland, CFCA Corporate Counsel, represents the CFCA at the monthly Cal/OSHA Standards Board, which is the governing body appointed by the Governor to adopt reasonable and enforceable standards that are at least as effective as federal standards. Kevin also represents the CFCA at the Advisory Committee meetings that forms the language of the news standards that would impact framing contractors. He is also a member of the Cal/OSHA Directors Advisory Committee and represents the Association at the AGC Safety Council.
• Free telephone consultation with Kevin Bland, CFCA Corporate Counsel, on questions regarding Cal/OSHA compliance and safety. (Additional reductions in fee for extensive consultation or representation.)
• Free telephone consultation on Human Resource issues with Jodi Blom, CFCA Executive Director.
• Updated Safety and Human Resource documents annually.
• Comprehensive Safety Tailgate Trainings documents.
• Extensive library of documents, checklists, and forms for Human Resource Compliance.
• Representation at the California Employers Coalition Group by Jodi Blom, CFCA Executive Director, on Labor and Employment proposed legislation.
• Up-to-Date Cal/OSHA and Employment Law Information – The CFCA Committees are continually “in the know” regarding newly proposed regulations, potential legislative activities related to safety and employment issues, along with timely information regarding sweeps and enforcement activities throughout the State.
• Cal Green – Representation regarding Cal Green for Residential Building with the Department of Housing and Community Development.
• Safety Summit – The CFCA Safety Committee coordinates the annual Safety Summit, a one-day conference that provides valuable safety information and resources for our member safety professionals.
• General Membership Meetings – Topics include updates on the housing industry, Cal Green mandatory levels of compliance, and updates on construction defect trends.
• Additional Resources:
• Fall Protection Standard Pictorial Book on Title 8, Section 1716.2, Residential Framing.
• 8 Core Elements of Real World Safety & Health for Residential Framing.
• Safety and Human Resource Compliance Documents.


Associate Membership is open to suppliers, manufacturers, and services supporting the framing contractor industry.

• Recognition on the CFCA website.
• Networking at the General Membership Meetings, Golf Tournament, and Safety Summit.
• Spotlight articles on your company, products, and services. Associate Members are encouraged to submit informational articles on their products and services. Members can write about their company’s history, the benefits of working with their company, and any new research and development projects they are working on that will benefit the home-building industry.
• Education and training seminars.
• Product and service advertising at the General Membership Meetings.